People & Emergency Communication Solutions

People & Emergency Communication Solutions

Connect key teams and personnel within your premises with communication systems that enable effective, dynamic relay of crucial information during crucial moments.

An IP enabled Private Branch Exchange that connects telephone extensions to the PSTN and that provides internal communication for a business


It is a telephone entry system designed to provide inexpensive and more effective approach for a 2-way communication and control of a door or a gate without expensive and extensive traditional 2/4 wire intercom system

IP Telephony Intercom

It is an intercom system that works through TCP/IP and saves substantial cost by using ethernet and fibre optic cabling to achieve the

IP Intercom

An IP enabled network of sound devices used to play music or broadcast announcements in buildings or for emergency communications purposes

IP Public Address System

We provide a comprehensive solution for your lift communication requirements. At affordable prices

Lift Intercom System

We have more than 3000 lifts installed with our surveillance and communication systems

Lift Surveillance 2-way talk