Integrated Smart Security Solutions

Integrated Smart Security Solutions

Handling multiple subsystems is a breeze with ISS solutions that integrate processes such as security management, monitoring and other related systems into one complete, hassle free solution.

Enables remote video monitoring of your assets in real time through your smart devices

Mobile M2M Surveillance Solution

We provide reliability, integrity and dependability of our video systems with complete confidence

Video Surveillance System

Our smart analytics engine provides the movement and flow data of people and vehicles to help end users better understand their operations

Smart Analytics System

The Unified Dashboard incorporates the Video Management System, Smart Analytics System, Network Management System, Geographical Information System.

Unified Dashboard Solutions

Enabled to allow remote monitoring and control of the smart access control system

Smart Lock Access Control System

A centralized monitoring station to monitor sensors, video analytics data, and other intrusion detection sensor signals with follow up action

Central Alarm Monitoring Station