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Seal VRLA Battery(200AH-3000AH)

Seal VRLA Battery(200AH-3000AH)
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Seal VRLA Battery(200AH-3000AH) Seal VRLA Battery(200AH-3000AH) Seal VRLA Battery(200AH-3000AH)




Seal VRLA battery is the product which using latest modern technologies. The product conforms to Japan JISC8704-2:1999 standard as well as IEC60896-2,2004 standard. This product can be broadly utilized as backup power supply for communication and signal systems such as telecommunication, railway and vessels etc., as the energy storage system of solar and wind power generation, and as the backup power supply of UPS and emergency illumination.


Product Characteristics

The plate is with the structure of big grid and block, and is made of special alloy through special process of quadribasic lead sulfate, which improves specific energy of the battery and prolongs the cycle service life. 
Positive grid (patent:ZL 01 2 72477.7) is made of special multi alloy, which overcomes the shortcomings of early capacity loss. It has long service life under both float charge and cycle utilization. 
Separator: made of absorbing super-thin fiberglass(patent:ZL 01 1 27020.9), its internal resistance is low and the discharge performance at high rate is good. 
Active materials(patent:ZL 02 1 12897.9): Special additive has been added into the lead paste of positive and negative plate, so that the utilization rate of active materials will become high and it will improve the charge acceptability. 
High-purity electrolyte(patent:ZL 02 1 12896.0): High purity electrolyte and special additive are used, which lead to low self-discharge. 
Special terminal seal structure(patent:ZL 02 2 20024.X): Unique assembled maze seal structure of terminal (patented technology) ensures the safety and reliability of seal. 
Safe valve structure(patent:ZL 00 2 41118.0): the valve is made of ABS materials of flame resistance. The valve core is in column structure, there is dual-filtering acid mist filters. It has the function of correctly controlling the pressure, flame resistance and acid mist filtering when valve open and close.
Adopt U double-layer longitudinal pattern and tight assembly technology to prevent plate stress from affecting separator elasticity. Large-diameter copper core is adopted, the terminals and comb teeth are die cast together, which makes the internal resistance become less. 
Short circuit protection: plastic sleeve(patent:ZL 02 3 17823.X) is added for plate, so as to effectively avoid the short circuit of the positive and negative plate, and to avoid the bend and distortion when the battery is laid horizontally.
Battery shell(patent:ZL 00 2 40666.7): consists of flame-resistance and super strong ABS materials. It is sealed through patent technology of hot seal(patent:ZL 02 2 19847.4), and has the characteristic of attractive appearance, firm structure and reliable seal.
Inert gas protect welding is used, special glue is applied for the second sealing to ensure no leakage.
Single structure serialization: the single structure of GFM series batteries particularly designed, the max Single capacity is 3000Ah, the customers have much choices.
System structure: GFM VRLA battery can be installed by cabinet, shelf, and ground arrangement, thermal dissipation space has been laid out to effectively avoid thermal runaway. 


Main Technical Parameters

Designed life:Float charge life 10 years (normal use at 25℃, fully charged).Deep cycle life 1200 cycles (at 25℃ discharge depth 80%, and recharge fully in time)

Charge acceptability:After the battery is discharged deeply by 100%, charge it for 10h at 2.35V/unit constant voltage limited current 0.15C 10 (A), the capacity shall be recharged over 98% of the discharged capacity.

Seal reaction efficiency:over 99%

Capacity retention rate:after being put aside for 90 days, the rest capacity shall be over 90%

Rated capacity:10h rated capacity 0.1C 10 A discharge till end voltage 1.80V/unit ≥C 10.3h rated capacity 0.25C 10 A discharge till end voltage ≥0.75 C 10.1h rated capacity 0.55C 10 A discharge till end voltage ≥0.55 C 10.

Capacity recovery performance (short circuit performance ):Discharge to 0V at 0.1C 10 A, short circuit for 24h, charge for 10h with 2.35V/unit constant voltage and limited current 0.15C 10 (A), and then charge for 24h with 2.25V/unit constant voltage and limited current 0.15C 10 (A), check C 10 capacity, after continuous 5 times, the rest capacity shall not be less than 90% of the initial capacity.


Specifications and type


Type Rated Voltage(V) Rated Capacity(Ah) Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
C10 C3 C1 C0.5 L W H Total Height
Vt=1.80 Vt=1.80 Vt=1.75 Vt=1.65
V/unit V/unit V/unit V/unit
Seal VRLA-200 2 200 150 110 100 90 181 346 365 13.2
Seal VRLA-300 2 300 220 165 150 124 181 346 365 18
Seal VRLA-400 2 400 300 220 200 158 181 346 365 23.5
Seal VRLA-500 2 500 375 275 250 191 181 346 365 29.6
Seal VRLA-600 2 600 450 330 300 225 181 346 365 34.5
Seal VRLA -800 2 800 600 440 400 303 181 346 365 48
Seal VRLA -1000 2 1000 750 550 500 370 181 346 365 58.5
Seal VRLA -1500 2 1600 1200 880 800 318 363 369 388 100
Seal VRLA -2000 2 2000 1500 1100 1000 385 363 369 388 123
Seal VRLA -3000 2 3000 2250 1650 1500 568 363 369 388 183
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