About Us

CA M&E is a leader in innovative, intelligent security systems. Founded in Singapore in 1998, we have 20 years of experience in the industry and have been ensuring the safety and security of corporations and agencies nationwide. As of 27th July 2020, we had upgraded our BCA ME04 workhead to the highest level of L6 which enables us to participate in projects of Unlimited value!

CA M&E would like to thank and appreciate its staff for making this important milestone possible. It shows that with dedication and hard work, nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!

We constantly stay ahead of security threats by investing heavily in our research and development. Our business is focused on providing clients with a complete and comprehensive range of security solutions that you can rely on – backed with excellent, professional service from our expert service teams and engineers. All our achievements do not come by chance, everyone in the company had put in an immense amount of effort to bring the us from a 5 staff company to a company now of over 100 staff!

You can count on us to provide you with high-quality security solutions you need, at an investment that will suit your budget.

  • Loyalty

    We stay true to our core expertise

  • fighting spirit

    We are dedicated to our beliefs

  • Ethics

    We always choose to do the right thing

  • professionalism

    We conduct ourselves as professionals, at all times

  • care for customers

    We follow through with customers and ensure their satisfaction

  • Leadership

    We take ownership of every project, and aspire to be the leader in our industry

One-Stop Solutions Specialist

With a wide-range of innovative security solutions, you can save the hassle of working with multiple contractors – we’ll handle everything from pitching and surveying, to implementation and maintenance.

Optimise Manpower and Costs

Our innovative solutions will do more than beef up your security – these solutions will also help you to reduce manpower and costs.

Leading-Edge Security

We invest in intensive research and development, ensuring our solutions give you the edge over potential security threats.

Professional Service

You can count on us to deliver excellent and professional service, with dedicated after-sales care.

Customisable Solutions

Our wide range of solutions can be purchased “as is”, or customised to meet your unique requirements.

In-House Installation Teams

Because installation is essential to ensuring the effectiveness and longevity of your security systems, all installations are done by our highly-trained, trusted installation teams, using high quality installation materials. We never outsource installation to third-party contractors.

Within Budget

Robust security doesn’t always come with a premium price tag. Tell us your budget, and we’ll optimise a security solution(s) plan that will meet both your security needs, and budget.



The ISO9001 certification is awarded to companies that provide high quality products and services – consistently meeting their customers’ requirements, while still showing constant improvement.


An international standard that provides organisations with specific requirements to achieve an effective environmental management system.


Awarded for our implementing internationally applied occupational health and safety management systems and demonstrating sound occupational health and safety performance.